4crochetedmembranephotobyMaurizioMontalt.jpg©Photography by Maurizio Montalti
©Photography by Maurizio Montalti
6crochetedmembranesonjabaeumel.jpg©Photography by Maurizio Montalti
©Photography by Maurizio Montalti
body forms 2008/09

crocheted membrane

The crocheted membrane translates scientific data into crochet pieces representing a visual language in-between science and fashion design.

What does an item of clothing, defined by personal physical needs or, for example, our body temperature, look like?

‘Crocheted Membrane’ experiments create a momentary fiction through fashion artefacts. Starting with the physical needs of one individual human body at an outdoor temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, seven hand-crocheted body forms were created. The clothing’s texture became thinner or opened up completely on areas of the body that needed less warmth and grew thicker where warmth was lacking. This technique exhibited a fundamental change in the aesthetics and function of clothes. Fixed forms, such as trousers, were re-created into new and unique body forms. Instead of one uniform surface, the textures became alive and inimitable. Her concept of clothing does not derive in the same way as most fashion designs, from shape or historically patterned form with embedded social hierarchy and material richness, but is instead determined by the needs and sensations of the human body - performing in the same way that bacteria populations respond individually.(1)

(1) Villeré, MIT Department of Architecture, 2014
Maurizio Montalti (image 1-2)
Wing Lam Kwok (image 3)