living sculpture 2018


The human body is a tiny particle in a living, pulsating, ever-expanding entanglement of multi-being.

A growing, two-dimensional microbial surface, lying like a membrane over an abstract, three-dimensional and trans-border landscape. Bodies expand, liquefy, overgrow, get under the skin and unite. They become landscapes, biotopes and nutrient supply.The once liquid material fuses them together, allowing interspaces and exchange, while bringing bodies into direct contact. Together with their unreal scale, the bodies’ microbial landscape contributes to questioning the boundaries, relations and co-habitats existing between different bodies, at the same time seeking to expand our ethical perspective.
Sonja Bäumel
Manuel Selg
Doris Ribitsch, Institut für Umwelt-
biotechnologie, BOKU, Tulln an der Donau.
Peter Freudling
Benjamin Krux